n-tieractive’s Information Assurance services provide information systems security lifecycle management, vulnerability assessment and evaluation, and certification and accreditation service for DIACAP or NIACAP. Our team is comprised of professional Information Assurance (IA) support with staff that meet or exceed the training and education requirements outlined in DoD 8570.1-M (Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program) and will ensure compliance with all operational and IA guidance published by DoD (including 8500.1 & 8500.2), JTF-GNO, and Service Branch to include applicable Communications Tasking Orders (CTOs), Information Operation Conditions (INFOCONs), Branch-specific activity messages (e.g. Army ALARACTS), Branch Best Business Practices, IAVA, IAVB as a part of IAVM and DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). Together these services ensure that all communication transmission modes in systems and enterprises are able to maintain operational integrity.


n-tieractive performs all aspects of network integration services: designing, engineering, furnishing, implementation, maintenance and support. We have been supporting large-scale networks for over a decade, and our resident CCIE / CCNP certified engineers are proven industry veterans, with the experience and knowledge to design, maintain, and troubleshoot your enterprise network. Our job is not
to provide a one design fits all solution, but rather design and support a customized solution that meets each of our customer's needs.

Delivering the latest technology, increasing operational efficiency, n-tieractive IT supports defense, intelligence community, federal civilian and commercial organizations with their initiatives to modernize and update their networks, applications, technology and IT equipment for effective and seamless communications. We seek innovative technical solutions to meet each of our customer’s unique mission requirements. Our solutions undergo rigorous testing before delivery to ensure a smooth transition with no service disruption.

Our experience building and deploying complex IT infrastructure enables n-tieractive to create a customized Cloud solution that meets the security requirements of the federal government. Our Cloud solutions are designed to be scalable so resources can be added or removed easily to adjust to the changing needs of your business. By leveraging premium server hardware, industry leading Cloud enablement software, and cutting edge data centers specifically designed to support highly virtualized Cloud deployments, n-tieractive provides clients with flexible infrastructure and computing solutions.

Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. n-tieractive, a leading systems management service provider, has deep expertise in the area of virtualization and virtual server management. n-tieractive supports virtualization environments from Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMware. Get real benefits. Lower costs, save energy and make your business more agile.

Business decisions to migrate data centers can be as a result of IT cost reduction initiative, regulatory requirement, business service risk mitigation plan, or a newer data center operations strategy. From the initial planning, project management, communicating with multiple third parties such as OEMs and software vendors, to providing insurance and transportation, we will provide you with the comprehensive planning, technical skills and best practices required to achieve a successful, incident-free data center migration.

No matter how well engineered, designed, or configured a network, it always needs maintenance and support. Requirements, security, and technology change at much faster rates than most organizations have the manpower to keep up with. With Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMWare certified engineers on staff who have the in-house ability to train and certify in new technologies and techniques, we offer a higher level of expertise to our customers.

A successful IT operation begins with a responsive and proactive service desk. n-tieractive’s ISO Certified Service Desk is not only the first wave of response to an incident, but it is also a first line of defense against future incidents. With 24x7x365 support, the Service Desk acts as a single point of contact for any incident or problem that occurs within your IT environment or user community. If an event occurs, our service desk will act quickly to reduce the impact of the incident or problem. This includes engaging and assisting the appropriate personnel to bring the issue to a timely resolution.

We prevent and minimize user issues by providing proactive notification of any upcoming impacts to the IT environment, such as scheduled and emergency maintenance, patch releases, equipment decommission or outage windows. We monitor the health and status of critical equipment and systems to ensure network and system availability. In our efforts for continuous process improvements, we have standardized our internal procedures in alignment with industry best practices and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and ISO 9001, 20000-1, and 27001 standards.