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Understanding how enterprise-computing centers operate is only one facet to establishing a successful enterprise computing solution. Data center operations are an intricate dance between network services, server administration, storage administration, security, application management, facilities management, and service desk. In order for all of these areas to function properly, it is important to have established mature processes that act as a checks and balance system to ensure that the work being performed within each department does not negatively impact the work being performed in it different department, as well as ensuring that the quality of work that is being performed meet up to the service level agreements that have been agreed upon by the customer. It is these processes that ensure that the customer is receiving the level of support they have required, as well as the quality they have been guaranteed. It is these processes that define the success of enterprise computing environment, and is typically the most overlooked area when it comes to choosing a partner to manage and host your mission-critical applications.

Enterprise Computing, It’s What We Do!

We live and breathe data centers!  We specialize in enterprise-computing operations, management, and security.  Our expertise includes: LAN/WAN networking, Windows/Unix server administration, enterprise storage, virtualization, data center consolidation, high performance computing (HPC), database administration, enterprise security, tier III service desk support, and the polices and procedures to manage it.  

Industrialized Approach to Service Delivery: 
Technology is only half of the equation.  To ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability while successfully maintaining large-scale computing environments, experienced staff, training, and proper policies and procedures are required.  We utilize NIST/DISA approved standards and technologies, along with ITIL and ISO certified processes to ensure work is carried out in a consistent manner to all of our customers.  

Vendor Independence: 
n-tieractive maintains a technology-independent philosophy which allows us to provide enterprise IT solutions that meet our client’s needs.  We are not a hardware reseller, which allows us to develop unbiased solutions that focus on the requirements of our customers. Our longstanding relationships with technology providers allow us to stay ahead of industry trends and technology changes.

Proven Experience: 
We are a certified small business that has been providing enterprise-computing services since our inception in 2001, and have been supporting the DoD since 2003.  We have worked in DISA DECCs and DoD Military Health System’s (MHS) data centers located throughout the United States.




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